“Do you charge hourly, or by the project?”

We prefer to charge hourly. After discussing the project, we will be glad to provide an estimate, and do our best to adhere to it, or to let you know when we approach a point in the process when we can not. However, a lot of the time spent on any project is determined by the information and cooperation provided by the client. We have found that when there is a set fee, and accountability for costs and revisions have been removed from the client, the design process tends to get bogged down with numerous non-substantive revisions and changes in direction. We will be glad to explore every idea and variation to the design the client may want, but they need to pay for that time.

“How much do you charge?”

Our hourly rate is $95.00.

“How much is a logo?”

There is not a set fee for any design project. We have completed logos for $300, but also have seen costs rise to over $2000.
The amount of time it takes to complete a project is determined more by the client than by us. We can, for instance, design a logo in an hour or two, however it can take weeks of revisions or exploratory design if the client changes direction, adds to the parameters and scope, or cannot provide adequate feedback and direction. We cannot read minds, and it takes more time with some clients than others to get them exactly what they want. If a client comes in and says,
“I can’t explain exactly what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.”, it is probably going to be an expensive journey.

“What do I get for my money?”

The more extensive the project, the less variations are initially presented for review. Clients generally receive at least 6 versions of a logo in the first proof, 3 versions of stationery packages and 1-2 versions of ads brochures, posters, etc. From there we ask for feedback to gauge what you like and don’t like, and to get additional input so that we can hone the design. The second proof should be much closer to what you want and are expecting. If a 3rd proof is necessary, it should be “on the money”, and approval is eminent,
if not, we may not be communicating well and need to discuss further options. You will receive your files via email or on disk. We will also archive your files at our office.

“What information do you need from me?

This answer obviously depends on the project and scope of work.
At the very least, we’d like to get some initial direction and input from you so we can get on the same page. Comparable examples of designs that you like are often useful. However, some basic info to get started would include: Your company name, billing and contact information, what your company does or the services you provide, your target market or demographics, any text or copy (ideas or finished) that should be included (unless we are providing), any images or logos that should be included (unless we are providing),
any additional info we need to be aware of (company colors, fonts, likes & dislikes, etc), the style you want to convey (whimsical or conservative, high-tech or old-fashioned, classical or trendy, etc ).

“Who owns the final design/work?”

You do. If requested, we will provide you with all files to use as you wish. We also archive all files on disk for future use. In the case of stock photography, we may both end up “owning” elements of the design. You would be able to use the images as you want, however, unless they were specifically bought for the project as an additional expense, they remain our property and can be used in projects for other clients as well.

“I plan on bringing you a lot of work. Can we negotiate a lower rate?”

Sure. AFTER we have established a good working relationship and you have proven a consistent and substantial client, I have no problems negotiating a lower rate.

“How long will it take?”

We often start thinking about your project and gathering information and visual elements right away. However, depending on the current workload, it can be a few days before we can work it into the production schedule. An initial proof of most projects is emailed to you within a week. A swift response from you with comprehensive and constructive feedback ensures that the project stays on schedule. Occasionally, a client will “sit” on a proof for a week or two, then unexpectedly pop in with some feedback. We will try to be responsive, but by then the project is no longer scheduled, and it can then take a few days to return to it.

“I’m just starting out and don’t have much money.
Can you cut me a break?”

Let me guess… You’ve tried this line on everyone else –
your landlord, your lawyer, your contractor, the power company,
the phone company, the sign company, etc – and they all said “no.” Well, you are in luck. We will work with you to budget a project that we can both live with. HOWEVER, you may need to compromise on what you want. I CAN provide you with quality marketing materials for a very affordable price, BUT you have to be willing to accept the designs I present you with very minimal revisions and input.
To get the price you want, you may need to refrain from making adjustments and changes until it matches whatever you envisioned.

“Can I have my files and edit the designs myself”

Sure. We will be glad to provide you with a copy of your design files, supporting images and fonts. However, you WILL need the proper software and adequate knowledge of the programs to manipulate the files on your own. Please note: Your files will be created on a MAC computer using programs from the Adobe family: InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. While there are versions available for the PC, we are not responsible for any incompatibility issues with the files or fonts.