About Renaissart

Design Philosophy

There are essentially two paths to a successful design solution:

  • We can work out tight creative and visual concepts at the beginning, then create the visuals and design to suit.
  • We can utilize resources the client may have on hand, supplement them as needed with crisper copy or more dynamic imagery,
    and then combine the elements to see what develops. An ad,
    a website, even a magazine will practically design itself if you allow the elements themselves to steer the design direction.

We are comfortable working either way. However, we find ourselves down the second path far more often. For better or worse, this business is deadline driven, and there often isn’t the time or budget to make everything the best it can be. But we will make the best out of everything we can.

Good advertising combines clever, entertaining copy with eye-catching imagery
& design. Great advertising, however, goes
a step further by striving to establish an emotional connection with the viewer.

Firm History

Renaissart Graphic Design is the brain child of owner John Chitwood.
The unique name and company brand was launched in 2000 when John moved his graphic design business into a studio on upper King Street. Sharing the space with an architect and photographer actually inspired the company name. It was truly a Renaissance environment. In early 2017, Renaissart Design relocated to Mt. Pleasant, where it continues to share studio space with other creative businesses.

Renaissart Design has grown each year, thanks to a loyal and diverse client base. Many of our clients have been have been with us for years. Their varied creative needs keep things interesting and provide a steady source of business through seasonal and economic shifts.


Meet John Chitwood

John Chitwood is the owner and Creative Director for Renaissart Graphic Design.
A Charleston native, John received his degree from Ringling School of Art and Design in 1988, and has over 30 years of practical design experience.

Beginning his career as an Illustrator, he has broadened his design expertise within Advertising Agencies, a Service Bureau, a Publishing Company and a Website Development Firm.